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Professional skin treatments in Cammeray

Our skin treatments on offer from Skin Beauty Clinic treat pigmentation and rosacea, leaving your skin looking blemish free and smooth. We also offer dermal fillers and Botox, administered by our specialist cosmetic injector and registered nurse (prices by appointment).

Intensive Treatment

Microdermabrasion Facial - 45 mins - $100

Safe and gentle procedure that deeply exfoliates and polishes the skin to stimulate new cell growth. Using a gentle vacuuming system and diamond tips to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. 

Calming Facial - 60 mins - $120

An excellent treatment for sensitive, delicate and fragile skin that is prone to redness. Suitable for skins with atopic dermatitis, eczema, dilated capillaries and surface sensitivity. This facial will help with the appearance of a red, uncomfortable skin.

LED Light Therapy Facial - 45 mins - $100

LED light activates skin cells with pulses of low level, non-thermal light energy. This is a non-invasive, pain free process which works to sooth and rejuvenate the skin by encouraging and accelerating the skins natural renewal process and collagen production. Helps treat acne breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as inflammatory scarring and rosacea.

Hydrating Booster Treatment - 60 mins - $120

A deeply restorative treatment to help moisturise and soothe dry, irritated skin in winter and summer. Gives skin a plumper, smoother appearance. The ultimate pampering treatment for a very dry and dehydrated skin.

Clear Skin Treatment - 75 mins - $140

This deeply purifying and cleansing facial, helps decongest and improve impurities and assist in the treatment of acne, deep skin with congestion, blackheads and scarring. During this treatment extractions can be performed.

Environ Vitamin Booster Treatment - 75 mins -  $140  

An intensive infusion of vitamins to boost all skin conditions. Excellent treatment for first time Environ users to help repair, hydrate, nourish and feed the skin. Expect visibly improved skin. 

Pigmentation Treatment - 75 mins - $140

A treatment to target excess pigmentation. Scientific ingredients aim to blocking the formation of melanin and helping to normalise melanocytes and keratinocytes into making clearer, healthier and more even skin tone.

Oxygen Facial - 75 mins - $140

Popular treatment among Hollywood A-list celebrities. Pressured oxygen applies, peel and a customised serum to the skin to reveal visibly plumper and tighter younger looking skin, Overall brighten and revitalise dull and stress looking skin.

Ultimate Indulgence Facial - 90 mins - $160

This beautiful treat will leave you floating on cloud 9. The signature treatment that combines traditional relaxation with amazing skin balancing and correcting results. It includes pampering hand massage, shoulder and décolletage massage. Pure bliss!

Anti-Ageing Collagen Treatment - 90 mins - $160

Designed to encourage skin generation with targeted messenger peptides to boost healthy cell production and powerful anti-oxidants to protect cellular integrity. This treatment will help to rejuvanate, revitalise and strenghten skin with fine lines or is lax to prevent premature skin aging by using the finest anti-ageing Sothy's products.

Environ Sequence Ionzyme DF II Machine - 90 mins - $180

A cutting edge equipment for enhancing penetration of vitamins into the skin, Vitamin A and Vitamin C are essential for the maintenance of a healthy and youthful skin. The powerful Environ Ionzyme DF II Machine takes your treatment to the next level. It offers a comfortable and effective treatment commencing with a thorough cleansing, followed by a combination of pulsed Ionthophoresis and low frequency Sonophoresis. This helps with the penetration of the active Vitamins and essential Growth Factors into skin and provides fast results. The treatment is totally painless, relaxing and very effective.

Micro Needling - CIT ( Collagen Induction Therapy )
$299 Full Face $399 Full Face and Neck

(Patients are adviced to return in 2 weeks after the initial treatment for Enzyme Peel and LED - Complimentary of Silk Beauty)

(Buy a package of 3 get the 4th treatment for free)

As the world's most trusted micro needling system, The Dermapen3 micro needling encourages the body to heal and regrow skin caused by micro-damage. As a convenient, handheld device, the Dermapen3 distributes 1300 tiny punctures into the skin every second, allowing for new collagen to grow. 
If you suffer from major scarring (surgical and burns, acne), sign of ageing, wrinkles, pigmentation disorders, sun damage, enlarged/dilated pores, stretch marks, rosacea, age spots, micro needling can deliver exceptional results.

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